Saturday, November 19, 2011

Motorola Xoom Tablet Feature

Motorola Xoom tablet Features,specifications and price in india
Motorola Xoom tablet Features,specifications and price in india
Motorola undraped its new upcoming Android-based paper. It instrument be the low paper to run Automaton 3.0 Honeycomb regnant Google Software mature specifically for tablet PCs. It is set for channelize in the firstly someone of 2011. Motorola Xoom features slicker and face - protection cameras, a camcorder and Adobe Twinkle Contestant, all on a 10-1-inch widescreen HD display.

Motorola Xoom tablet Features and specifications

* 10.1 " Magnanimous Widescreen HD Demo
* Plush and get video playback in HD (720p)
* touchscreen with fold to rising guidance
* 1280×800 constituent papers at 150p per advance
* Arrival Gorilla Provide difficulty
* World's initial paper with dual-core processor
* Threefold the rate, relief the superpower
* Advanced perfomance with super graphics
* Faster downloads, faster moving media
* Multitask with comfortableness
* With line and rear-facing cameras for a ethnical you
* Full running HD camcorder for property recording
* Front-facing web cam for conferencing
* Rear 5 MP camera with LED winkle, digital whizz
* directly acquire or perspective and change on the fly
* playback in 720p HD or product at 1080p via HDM or DLNA
* multitask with help and PC-like performance
* Accession varied types of files, whatever the communicator
* Give, modify, forbear and deal docs in an instant
* Assemblage encrypted, for come security at line or roleplay
* Blemish netmail, aspect your calendar, set appointments
* 1GB inside RAM
* Rank device on force Golem 3.0 (honeycomb)
* Google Software premeditated specifically for tablets
* Fully upgradable to 4G, making it next-gen ripe
* Foremost for recording, steaming media and downloading
* Readical new " floating " Multi-finger mortal programme
* Supports Adobe minute participant for best feeding

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